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Street Cop Spanish was developed by a Cop for Cops. It is taught by Police Officers with real life street patrol experience


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Simple = Success

We teach Officers enough Spanish to do their job effectively. They will leave the training feeling confident in their ability to control and identify a suspect, identify a victim or witness, and perform every day tasks in law enforcement (traffic stops, personal contacts, etc…)

We feel Officers can be successful in interacting with the Latino Community by learning just 20 words and phrases or less in Spanish. We try not to overload the Officers. We have developed the class so Officers learn enough Spanish so they leave feeling confident in their ability to speak Spanish, which we hope will encourage Officers to continue with learning more.

Officers receive instruction and materials which allow them to communicate with the Latino community IMMEDIATELY! The materials are based on Officer Sullivan’s actual experience. They are tried and true. The training is taught by Cops for Cops!!

Police Budgets

cultural diversity is an issue in every Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, and other governmental agencies. Street Cop Spanish has a cultural diversity angle which fits seamlessly with in-service training budgets. Why not teach your Officers cultural diversity while teaching them Spanish words and phrases at the same time!

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