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Street Cop Spanish was developed by a Cop for Cops. It is taught by Police Officers with real life street patrol experienc


Scheduled Training Seminars


March 24th-25th

West Palm Beach, FL


June 24th-25th, 2014 

 Rotary Gardens

1455 Palmer Dr, Janesville WI

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 Routt County Courthouse Colorado Springs CO, WI
Oct 2nd-3rd, 2014,FREE through POST Grant 

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Officers who learn Spanish will be SAFE on the street, because they will be able to communicate with a larger segment of the population they serve. Officers will encounter dangerous and aggressive Latino’s on the job. Officers who can use a few simple commands will CONTROL the situation and protect their SAFETY.

The ability to speak Spanish to suspects will help protect them in court. The more words or phrases an Officer learns and uses on the job, educes the suspects/attorney’s argument they did not understand.

There are many Latino’s who are victimized in communities across the country. They are often reluctant to report these crimes to Police. Officers learning Spanish will break down the barrier that exists and encourage Latinos to report these crimes to when they are victimized. Ultimately Latino’s will feel SAFER in your communities.

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