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Street Cop Spanish was developed by a Cop for Cops. It is taught by Police Officers with real life street patrol experience


“ The materials were directed towards the job, and how we would use it on the street”

“The goal of keeping this class simple and easy to digest was accomplished quite well.”

“Chad explained things well and made sure everyone understood. Good relaxed atmosphere which makes you feel comfortable”

“Chad knows the needs of law enforcement. Good with the Spanish language”

“I used the cards the next day on patrol and got through the traffic stop with no problems”

“I want more!!!”

“Just the right amount of Spanish to make me feel like learned something”

“Chad gave us hints on how to memorize the words. Also, he showed us how Latinos will answer the questions we ask them. That was very helpful.”

“Chad covered all topics I as a patrol officer would need to know on the streets”

“I like the fact we received more information in the curriculum than was covered in training. I now know I can learn Spanish and plan on studying”

“Good pace and level for non- Spanish speaking officers”

“Chad knew what he was talking about and got the job done”

“I wish I would have had this class in the academy”

“Every Police Officer in the United States should take this course”
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Welcome to Street Cop Spanish

According to the recent 2010 census, the Hispanic population in the Midwest grew by over 70% in the past decade. That makes Latinos the fastest growing segment of our communities. Nationwide, Hispanics are now the largest minority group in the country, accounting for one out of every six Americans.

How to get Free Training!To do their jobs as effectively and safely as possible, Law Enforcement professionals need to know how to interact with this rapidly growing population. It is more important than ever for Police professionals to know and understand Spanish.

Street Cop Spanish is a training program that teaches Officers exactly what they need to know - how to Communicate, Identify and Control every situation to insure their safety and the safety of every citizen they serve.

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Chad is a 24 year Law Enforcement veteran with the Janesville Police Department in Wisconsin. He is a certified Law Enforcement instructor in the State of Wisconsin and is currently at the rank of Police Specialist.


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